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« le: Mai 16, 2008, 10:08:45 »

This is a bit of background around Francisco Vargas and Sara. Again it was translated using a chain of online systems and a bit of common sence/creativity so is as close as I can get it.

Two shadows in the night

“Vargas? Have you not yet finished breaking my balls over that one? Am I to believe that my hundreds of other war stories do not treat your ears? You want Vargas, then you shall, have faith Saxon!”

He was the henchman of the Count of Spinola. When Spinola crossed the Western Empire he always took his faithful mastiff.
Reliable, fearsome, merciless and furthermore a fine strategist, the Castilian has earned a solid reputation as a leader of men. Spinola very quickly brought him out of the tercio for employment of more….. Sophistication.

“An example? Why of course my brave Günter, just serve me another finger of this succulent liquor. Where was I? Ah yes, good, an example”

You have in your unit’s area a rebellious village. If you send a company of guys to patrol the area, you can bet that they will return with their tails between their legs and soaked britches. A village of insurgents, it is a problem for your lines of supply, which is a godsend for the thousands of mouths that you must feed.
It is here that Francisco Vargas steps in. He selects about fifty furious soldiers for the small skirmish, surrounds them, seizes the village, and then for enjoyment, fertilizes the ground with the blood of his enemies. Before, you had a prosperous village; later, you have nothing more than an area clean, serene and ablaze. That is the Vargas effect, as they say. In this colossal tribute to Saint John, only stakes and gallows remain, as well as the forced women fanning their thighs, arranging suicide pacts due to the affection of their guests.

“Otto, stop laughing like an idiot it is not funny, hand me that liquor”

You see this Vargas is a bloody scoundrel. What I know of him, it is that he comes from a rich and noble Castilian family. This family buzzes excitedly around the King’s court like a fly around shit, which obviously works.
The Vargas’s are rich, powerful and ridden with ambition. Francisco, the youngest of ten snot-nosed brats, adds to his inheritance thanks to the art of war and the robbery. It’s good to be ruthless. Me, I have too big a heart, which I shall lose one day…..

Merciless, I’d say that, but the captain remains a man. It would not seem a load of crap to think that he has a sort of heart, hidden in an almost inaccessible recess of himself.

“You are curious, you mangy dog? Therefore I shall continue. Otto! Get off me you flea ridden arse!”

A dark beauty was promised to the stake. The beautiful Gypsy who enraptured the heart of your hero was banished from her people, on the grounds of witchcraft and alliance with the Devil. The Jesuits who were hanging around in the area arrested her with all her unholy trappings. She defended herself: two deaths, one badly burned, but they were too many, she had to give up. Before the “Crows” could light the pyre the captain intervened. He cut short the life of the far too violent Missionary and released the beautiful Sara Zingaresce from her bonds.
The setting Moravian sun glinting from his armour, his proud impeccably combed salt-and-pepper moustache, Vargas the saviour arrived.
Her brown and curly hair, adorned in shimmering finery, the dark and satiny skin, the eyes bright….

“A glass Otto! Another, good god!”

Clearly a devouring passion seized these two tormented souls, a look, a bolt of lightning, love, whatever! Although it is true that Vargas had to force the young girl the first night. We heard her squeal like a sow across the camp.
Anyway through each other they found themselves. His tactical mind and her supporting powers, that I will not mention here. The alliance of two shadows to fight the darkness.

“Touching, is it not? Besides, for a small glass I could explain espli……. Oula it turns…. Oh it’s very dark!....... Damn!...”

“Joaquin!” exclaimed Otto “The sergeants pissed, help me get him back to his tent, hurry before he vomits on my boots…..”
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