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In vermiis veritas

« le: Juin 23, 2007, 09:34:12 »

Here I tried to translate the part about the égarés slinger. Since it's also supposed to be from Antonio Guccini, I guess it was written by Sandy Julien.

It looks like hell is generous with corpses, putrefaction and worms...

As an evidence is this unfortunate creature that looks like a bloated corpse and devoured by larvae as big as the fist. He always follows his mistress, an obscene sinner who shows some demonic features. She was taken her right breast, like the amazons of once did, and all that remains is a reddish and swollen scar. But the most awful part is her left arm, that looks like an insect leg, articulated like an armor, and made of a dark and shiny material. However, she doesn't seem to bother, and uses it like a hand, in such a way that she's more accurate with this strange appendix than many men with their five fingers.

Her agonizing servant creeps in her track, his skin always stirring with a nauseating ondulation. The wet and white skin of his belly looks like a pond in which a stone would have been thrown: it ondulates and moves like water. It's because his stomach, and even his whole body, is full of those enormous worms that stir and squirm. Those are disgusting predators, with their mouth edged with several lines of tiny teeth, and they wriggle and rise as soon as living flesh gets close, eager for blood.

The mistress of the corpse grabs them without fear however, and constrains them in a strange sling, to throw them at the ennemy. There they bring stupor, disgust and pains, because once they stick their awful mouth to the skin, they will not rest until they wholy bury themselves in the warm flesh that they eagerly devour.

The slinger sometimes talk to the Audacious, but never cares for somebody else, not even for her pathetic servant that squirms and moans at her feet. This one doesn't speak either, sometimes struck by the pain, sometimes choking with a big larva crawling in his throat, or gnawing his tongue. Because like Prometheus, he's devoured alive, and every day he gets his strengths back. At dusk, his bones and bare  organs can be seen, and the skin of his skull is eaten in such a way that it's impossible to recognize him. He creeps on limbs that are already half bones, bearing only little flesh. But at dawn the day after, he got back to his bloated appearance by some kind of witchcraft, and the worms can once more feast on his flesh. His torments never end, his agony is forever. But the most frightful thing, is that sometimes, he glances at one of us with the shadow of a smile, as if he was understanding something we are missing.

- From "Story of the Journey Underneath", Antonio Guccini, mercenary of Captain Eduardo Spada band.
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Ibant obscuri sola sub nocte.
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« Répondre #1 le: Juin 23, 2007, 20:29:35 »

Whoa, now that was a cool concept for a miniature.  Thanks for the translation.  Sourire
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Show yourself a brave man, as a Spartiate should; and do you, allies, follow him like men, and remember that zeal, honor, and obedience mark the good soldier.

Thucydides 5.9.9
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