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« le: Septembre 05, 2008, 10:31:36 »

Update 1
The painting contest stays monthly but is now divided into two categories (Players and Free) to incorporate participant limitations.
Closure dates for the participation and the votes are unchanged. Reward for the winner stays the same.

Contest planning until December:

September: Players
Contest open to everyone except the winners of a previous contest.
Subject: 2 troopers from the same faction of the Hell Dorado game.

October: Free
Contest open to everyone including the winners of a previous contests.
Subject: A miniature from the wave 6. Regular base imposed. Conversion allowed.

November: Players
Contest open to everyone except the winners of a previous contest.
Subject: All the miniatures from a starter army box of the Hell Dorado game.

December: Free
Contest open to everyone including the winners of a previous contests.
Subject: Diorama using Hell Dorado miniatures.

General Rules:

Dog of War Forum organizes a monthly painting contest. Each month contest's theme will be revealed in the appropriate topic. In order to compete, all entrants must post a shot of their entry before the 20th of the current month.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All entrants must post their miniature shots in the same forum thread, no matter their language.

1. Painting contest topics:

Forum threads will be opened in the "Communauté/Modélisme/Figurines":

--> Dog of War Painting contest general rules.
--> Painting Contest: Dog of War miniatures of the month - [month] [year]/ Concours: Figurine Chiens De Guerre du mois - [mois] [année].

--> Debates about the painting contest [month] [year]/Discussion - [mois]
--> [année], Vote [month] [year]/ Vote [mois] [année].
--> Painting Contest Results/ Résultats.

2. Rules:

Entries limited to one.
Posted shot must not exceed 800 pixels width. Height is not limited.
You can add a short description of your miniature, if needs be.
You must use the miniature's regular base, nothing else, except if the painting contest rules explicitly state otherwise, i.e. Diorama.
Depending of the contest's theme, converting can be allowed. In this case, all converted entries must be based on Hell Dorado miniatures.

We have the right to suppress/delete without warning any shot if we find that these rules have been violated.

3. Votes:

Forum users will elect their favourite miniature by using the forum poll function until the end of the contest submission period.

4. Results:

After voting time, a member of Dog of War crew will announce the winner's name in "Résultat [mois] [année]. The announcement will occur the very first day of the following month (usually).

5. Frauds and claims:

In case of fraud, sanctions will be applied.
If you have a claim, please send a Private Message (PM) to a Dog of War moderation crew member and express clearly the reason of your grievance.

6. Reward:

Winner's miniature will be outlined on Hell Dorado official site, with his owner comments.

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