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« Répondre #15 le: Octobre 19, 2009, 09:47:24 »

One more question: Will the different language versions be released at the same time or will you first get out the English book and then start making translations? I'm asking because the German market tends to stick to the English rules once they are around. In games like Warmachine no sane person uses the German ability names for example which makes it kinda hard for new players to get into the game if they "mistakenly" bought the German rule book.

That's interesting. I always thought that germans were (almost) as bad as frenchies and italians when it comes to preferring their own language (of course, none of the germans I know fit into that stereotype) but probably it comes from browsing throught german tv channels and hearing all those dubbed tv-series (instead of proper subtitled ones).
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Late at night... I can still hear their screams... the tiny, innocent voices that cry "It was not us! It was not our fault! Why did we have to pay for your misgivings?"
...and I try to quieten them... the voices in my head and convince myself that I was right - and the dice had to be burned
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WWW Courriel
« Répondre #16 le: Octobre 20, 2009, 21:58:44 »

You're right, we have no original language versions on TV and hardly any in the cinemas and every bleeding book gets translated. So the situation here's much worse than in, say, Denmark or Sweden or that funny country with that orange soccer team. It's a special case with games though, including tabletop rule books as well as computer games. For some reason games often end up with crappy translations while films and tv series are usually very well dubbed. Thus the need for English originals in gaming.

Of course, every new player will buy the German book if available, because that's what ze average German does. But those in the know will quickly get the newbies to use English terms instead.

Imho, it would be better if we did it like they do in smaller countries and go without any translations at all. Virtually everyone speaks English well enough and the few that don't will learn it in no time. Maybe I should just move to Scandinavia or Finnland or something.  Grimaçant
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Cipher Kai
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« Répondre #17 le: Octobre 21, 2009, 06:10:17 »

We're already working with Ulisses Spiele on the German edition.   In typical German fashion they are already correcting things that we haven't found in the English version yet.  "Das ist nicht richtig!"
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