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« le: Mars 11, 2008, 13:36:00 »


Any user of this forum must take note of this Charter. As from the moment when it posts a contribution, it implicitly accepts the rules of good use of the Charter.

The owners, authors, administrators, and regulators of the forum cannot be held responsible for the contents (except for the messages posted by themselves), nor do they guarantee it to be accurate.

Don`t post anything obscene, insulting, homophobic, defamatory, threatening, or racist.  They will be deleted by an administrator, and their authors will be definitively banished.


Don`t use "text-speak".

English speakers are welcome in the French forums but must precede their post with a translated French one.  Reverso or Babelfish can do this for you.

Try and keep some substance to your posts.  No "I agree" type things.  If you don`t have much to add don`t bother.

Try not to over abbreviate.  It confuses newbies.

Try to keep on topic.  If the topic starts to deviate just start a new one.

Before asking something, search the forum to see if its already been answered.

Use proper titles for posts.  Not just things like "Quick question"
Tournaments and demonstrations

When organising a tournament, please include the following ...

- Time, date, and address.
- Points
- Minimum painting standard
- Number of places
- Cost
- Schedule


Only private individuals, no business adverts.  The forum staff are not in any way responsible for trades/sales.  We will however tell people if we know of any dodgy stuff going on.  Please remember to title your post properly.

If you offer commission painting then post a picture of a Hell Dorado mini you`ve painted.  Don`t talk money in posts.  Thats for PMs.


Pictures are allowed if they have relevance.  Keep them to a max width of 800px.  If you`ve a lot of pictures to show then use links instead of directly showing them in the thread.

Signatures and Misadventures

Signature images are allowed, but don`t animate them and keep them small.  Otherwise try to keep sigs at four lines or below.

Lastly, only moderators are here to moderate.  If you feel something is wrong then tell a mod.  Don`t go taking the modding into your own hands.

Thank you,

The Team Dogs of War

(Please note, this post has been translated [probably badly] by Dogmeat and so might not be exact.  If you need clarification of anything please ask a mod.)
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"A daemonibus docetur, de daemonibus docet, et ad daemones ducit"
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« Répondre #1 le: Mars 11, 2008, 14:15:36 »

THanks for your work  Clin d'oeil

I Pick this thread up the board until modo team release the official translation.
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Association du Jeu Fantastique de Versailles
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